SCANDIA Car Rental at Helsinki Airport

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SCANDIA Car Rental at Helsinki Airport
SCANDIA Car Rental at Helsinki Airport

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SCANDIA Car Rental Services at Helsinki Airport

Any traveler that wants to hire a vehicle during their stay in Helsinki Vantaa has a wide selection of car rental companies at Helsinki Airport to make their pick from. When arriving at Helsinki Airport HEL, please make sure to retrieve your luggage from the baggage claim area before proceeding.

Useful information when renting a vehicle from Scandia at Helsinki Airport

Additional drivers can be added for a daily additional fee to the rental agreement provided they meet the same requirements as the main driver and are present at the time of pick up. The price for an additional driver starts from 1.43 EUR. *Dependent on the type of vehicle rented. In Finland you should drive on the right hand side of the road.

Rental Vehicle Options Available from Scandia

Rental vehicles are available from the following manufacturers: Citroen, Ford, Skoda and Volkswagen. Scandia provides a selection of 11 different vehicles models to rent at Helsinki Airport from manufacturers including:
  • Citroen Jumper
  • Ford Focus Estate
  • Ford Mondeo Estate
  • Ford Transit SWB Van
  • Skoda Octavia
  • Skoda Octavia Estate
  • Volkswagen Caddy
  • Volkswagen Caravelle
  • Volkswagen Golf Estate
  • Volkswagen Polo
  • + 1 more
You can rent vehicles with the following fuel types: Diesel and Petrol. The following fuel policy options are available: Fuel: Pick up and return full. 8 manual/stick-shift transmission cars and 5 automatic cars are available. 11 vehicles are available with air conditioning.

Scandia Rental Vehicle Types Available at Helsinki Airport

The following vehicle groups are available to rent at Helsinki Airport are:
  • Cargo van
  • Estate
  • Intermediate
  • 7 seat minivan
  • Economy
Rental vehicles range in capacity from 3, 5 and 7 passengers. 4 and 5 door vehicles are available to rent. If you have luggage, Scandia vehicles range in luggage carrying capacity from 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 pieces of luggage.

Optional Extras Available at Helsinki Airport from Scandia.

You can also rent the following additional equipment when renting a vehicle from Scandia: Booster seat, Child toddler seat, GPS, Infant child seat and Ski rack.

Payment Types Accepted by Scandia at Helsinki Airport

Vehicle rentals can be paid for using the following types of payment card: Visa and MasterCard.

Returning a Scandia vehicle at Helsinki Airport

Please consult with Scandia on instructions for returning your rental car to Helsinki Airport. Always remember to remove your possessions from the vehicle before returning it to Scandia.

Contact Scandia at Helsinki Airport

For more information please contact Scandia at Helsinki - Airport on 358- 102355224.

Scandia Nearest Locations

Scandia also has 19 offices nearby, including:
  • Vantaa (4.8KM)
  • Helsinki - Itäväylä (13.3KM)
  • Helsinki - Herttoniemi (13.4KM)
  • Helsinki - Kallio (14.9KM)
  • Helsinki - Railway Station (16.3KM)

Where is the SCANDIA Rental Desk at Helsinki Airport?

The office handling reservations and phone service is open according to normal office hours. -The pick-up and return desk in Helsinki Airport is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week -Desk Location: Terminal 2, Airpro desk in Service Floor (level -1), One level down from Arrivals Hall 2 A. -This means pick-ups and returns are possible at Helsinki Airport at any time. After hours service fee applies at night time (22.00 ? 07.00).

Map of SCANDIA rental desk at Helsinki Airport

What are SCANDIA Opening Hours at Helsinki Airport ?

Day Open Close
Monday 07:00 21:59
Tuesday 07:00 21:59
Wednesday 07:00 21:59
Thursday 07:00 21:59
Friday 07:00 21:59
Saturday 07:00 21:59
Sunday 07:00 21:59

The SCANDIA Rental Desk at Helsinki Airport is located at:

Scandia Rent

Helsinki Airport Vantaa, Terminal 2B, Vantaa, 01530

Tel: 358- 102355224

Rental Desk Location: In Terminal

Both the vehicle and hire desk/counter are located inside the terminal.

What rental cars are available from Scandia at Helsinki Airport?

The rental cars available from Scandia at Helsinki Airport are:

What manual/stick-shift car rentals does Scandia offer at Helsinki Airport?

Scandia offer the following manual/stick-shift cars:

What petrol car rentals does Scandia offer at Helsinki Airport?

Scandia offer the following petrol cars:

Nearby SCANDIA Car Rental Pick-up and Drop-Off Locations

Scandia at Vantaa

Sinikellontie 4 B7, Vantaa , 01530
+ 2 other companies...

4.80 KM


Scandia at Helsinki - Itäväylä

Teboil Itäväylä Linnavuorentie 30 , Helsinki , 00950

13.26 KM


Scandia at Helsinki - Herttoniemi

Mekaanikonkatu 2, Mekaanikonkatu 2, Helsinki, 00880
+ 7 other companies...

13.42 KM


Scandia at Helsinki - Kallio

Hämeentie 37 , Helsinki, 00500
+ 5 other companies...

14.93 KM


Scandia at Helsinki - Railway Station

Helsinki Railway Station, Elielinaukio 5/holiday Inn , Helsinki , 00100
+ 5 other companies...

16.30 KM


Scandia at Nurmijärvi

Ilvesvuorenkatu 2, Myllykukko , Nurmijärvi , 01900

16.71 KM


Scandia at Helsinki - Downtown

Malminkatu 24, Helsinki, 00100
+ 9 other companies...

16.81 KM


Scandia at Helsinki - Harbor - South

Olympiaranta 1 , Helsinki , 00140

17.47 KM


Scandia at Järvenpää

Oy M.k.f Service Ab , Urheilukatu 15, St1 , Järvenpää, 04400

17.74 KM


Scandia at Espoo

Haltilanniitty 6, Espoo, 02200
+ 4 other companies...

18.51 KM


Scandia at Järvenpää Railway Station

Haarajoen Asemakatu 16, Järvenpää, 04480

21.92 KM


Scandia at Kirkkonummi

Eteläinen Salmitie 1, Kirkkonummi, 02430

29.97 KM


Scandia at Hyvinkää

Rautatienkatu 9, Hyvinkaa , 05800
+ 2 other companies...

35.20 KM


Scandia at Riihimaki Railway Station

Riihimaki Railway Station, Riihimaki
+ 2 other companies...

47.58 KM


Scandia at Riihimäki

Lylytie 15 , Riihimäki , 11120

48.81 KM


Scandia at Lohja

Lohjanharjuntie 1111, Lohjanharjuntie 1109, Lohja, 08500
+ 2 other companies...

50.19 KM


Scandia at Loviisa

Mannerheiminkatu 24 , Loviisa , 07900

71.40 KM


Scandia at Hameenlinna

Larin Kyostinkatu 16, 2. Floor, Hameenlinna, 13130
+ 4 other companies...

79.13 KM


Scandia at Hameenlinna - Railway Station

Hämeentie 16 , Hameenlinna , 13210
+ 2 other companies...

80.51 KM


Scandia at Lahti - Railway Station

Mannerheiminkatu 15, Lahti, 15110
+ 8 other companies...

82.56 KM


Scandia at Lahti

Launeenkatu 81, Lahti, 15110
+ 5 other companies...

83.13 KM


Scandia at Forssa

Pentinkatu 17, Forssa , 30420

92.33 KM


Scandia at Tammisaari

Koivuniemenkatu 9 , Tammisaari , 10600

92.46 KM


What is the fuel policy when renting a car from SCANDIA at Helsinki Airport?

Code Description
FULLFULL Fuel: Pick up and return full.

*Some companies may offer alternative fuel policies on request.

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Car Brands Available to Rent from Scandia at Helsinki Airport

Scandia has 16 different types of vehicles from 25 manufacturers available to hire at Helsinki Airport.